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Reply to Unfavorable Reviews

It’s impossible to delight everyone. And unfavorable online reviews are a fact of doing business. Still, don’t fail to respond to an unhappy customer. We’ll track down every negative review and offer appropriate responses to lessen their impact. The team seeks a win-win scenario converting dissatisfied customers into happy fans.

Create a Positive Reputation

You need to constantly work on creating a good reputation, as it’s critical for business. A negative reputation may cost the business millions of dollars. We follow a proven strategy to build Forex brand reputations. It entails using positive content, maintaining good coverage, building a strong brand presence, and nurturing clients to leave reviews. Our clients see platform-specific improvements fast.

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How Online Reputation Management Works?

Custom reputation management services identify negative information, lessen its impact, and supersede it with favorable communication. A SERM team will also protect and strengthen a good brand reputation. That’s because one negative incident or misplaced comment can foster distrust.

Here is the step-by-step process we use when creating a positive online reputation:

  • Performing a Brand Audit

    Brand auditing entails assessing the brand’s current reputation. We inspect review sites, forums, social media, and other platforms where customers hold discussions on forex trading platforms. Our ORM experts weigh the overall sentiment by comparing the number of positive reviews versus negative reviews. We also pinpoint the main areas of dissatisfaction and the presence of negative SEO keywords.

  • Creating a SERM strategy

    ForexSEO will propose an online reputation management strategy with steps we will use to repair and uphold the site’s reputation. For instance, the policy makes provisions for the real-time monitoring of brand mentions. It introduces playbooks (describing the tone or manner) used to respond to unfavorable feedback. It’ll plan for new optimistic content to weaken negative pages in search.

  • Implementation of the strategy

    Our experts do the heavy work —working from a to-do list that prioritizes the most damaging things. They will flag fake reviews, ask to have scammy profiles deleted, and give appropriate responses to negative customer feedback. We will be on hand to handle any crisis, reach out to misinformed parties, and publish positive SEO content to out-compete negative keywords.

  • Brand mention monitoring

    Building a brand’s online reputation is the easy part. We’re seasoned experts after all! The tough bit is protecting a good standing. But don’t worry. Maintain appropriate defenses with ongoing brand mention monitoring. Stay up-to-date with analysis reports on how the reputation is faring. Rely on a sharp ForexSEO team to handle negative feedback with resolutions that keep Forex brokers happy.

  • Handling negative feedback

    We don’t ignore negative feedback or wish it away. Instead, we offer a quick response, utilizing available resolution options. For instance, the customer may have failed to address the issue with the support team. We try to offer this as an intervention, showing care and concern. Many disgruntled customers end up updating their reviews to leave a better rating.

  • Controlling search rankings on Google

    Reputation recovery is not complete without a proper strategy to control the search results displayed for brand keywords. That’s where our excellent ForexSEO services come into play. Our team utilizes its specialized experience in the Forex niche to ensure positive brand content claims top positions to maximize traffic and improve the business reputation.

Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Forex Companies?

Forex brands need an online reputation management service to help monitor real-time customer feedback and gauge the prevailing market sentiment. Brand perceptions are highly volatile, and the customers’ opinions change drastically depending on their last experience or interaction.

Digital reputation management is necessary to motivate more clients to share their opinions about the service, which can help build credibility. 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews before completing a purchase. 68% of consumers agree that they can’t completely trust a high rating unless it’s backed by many reviews.

The consequences of a bad perception are quite severe. It turns away new customers and active traders. A negative standing discourages brand searches and impairs marketing efforts. Loss of reputation may even affect employee retention and investor relations. The impact may be worth all the money earned.

Manage Your Online Reputation with Professional Team

Wondering how to monitor client feedback in real-time, respond quickly, and track online reputation without getting distracted from core business goals? Delegate all the online reputation management tasks to a professional team of ForexSEO.

It’s a faster and more efficient approach compared to building an in-house crisis team. Our professional team has gone through all the familiar steps and repaired countless brand reputations. We do not make any beginner mistakes and implement proven techniques right out of the box.

Keeping costs down is another positive aspect of working with an agency. There is no need to hire employees, pay salaries, or commit to long-term contracts. At the same time, brands have access to the best talent.

Brand monitoring requires modern tools. Working with professional companies can mean access to the best-in-class tools with minimum investment.

Don’t just hire anyone for forex trading brand reputation management. It’s important to work with proven companies in the niche, as it tends to be a more challenging sphere than other business categories.

ForexSEO’s ORM experts offer a rewarding and stress-free experience. We can help with managing negative reviews as well as creating positive SEO content to outrank negative content on Google search results. We also offer SEO for forex and link building services.

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What are online reputation management services?

A reputation management company offers services that revolve around review monitoring, recovery, image protection, and crisis response. The goal is to maintain a continuously favorable public perception of the company and its services. It’s a justifiable expenditure as a good standing drives more engagements and sales.

How much does online reputation management cost?

The price for the work starts from $2,500 per month for companies outsourcing the work to an online firm. It’s better to get an exact quote as costs may depend on the current situation and the amount of work.

When working with an in-house team, the cost of online reputation management will generally depend on team setup, tools cost, and local hourly rates.

What affects online reputation?

Several factors impact online reputation. It’s affected by the response given to negative search results or the lack of it.

The first-page results that search engines like Google display for specific brand keywords can influence customer perceptions. For instance, do they see positive articles or blog posts questioning the trading website’s integrity?

Things that people say about the company on social media, how active it is, or what it posts can also greatly influence the perception.

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